Made Fresh When you Order

Original Powdered Sugar or Cinnamon

One Beignet                                                                                 2

Three Beignets                                                                             5

Five Beignets                                                                                7

Eight Beignets                                                                             10

One Dozen Beignets                                                                     15

Dips                                                                                         1.00

Fresh Brewed Pour Over 

                                                                                            Reg               Lrg

Coffee & Chicory                                                                3                  3.5
Bold delicious blend of a rich, dark brew.
Some peppery notes come through from the chicory.

Medium Roast                                                                    3                  3.5
A blend of South American coffees and Sumatran coffees.
Balanced and smooth.

Decaf                                                                                     3                  3.5
A mocha java blend that is nutty and balanced.

Iced Coffee                                                                           3                  3.5

Gourmet Hot Chocolate                                                            12oz                       
A blend of  Cocoa, Sugar, Spices and Milk.                                              3.5
Topped with a creamy whip.

Soda & Water                                                                                  2